Peekaru not Peek-a-boo


  Hello from mid-Michigan, where it is supposed to be covered with snow and dreary outside.

Yes, like everywhere else, we have been lacking the mounds of snow we would already have by now. It has been in the lower 30s and mid 40s with lots of sunshine. I cannot complain because Julianne and I have been able to take walks.


Exercise has been almost non-existent. The extent of it happens to be in the mornings when I wake up. Here is how I HAVE been exercising:

  • stretching in the mornings when I wake up
  • taking an occasional walk outside (if sunny) or go to the mall
  • I've done ONE 30-day Shred video
  • I've done sit-ups with the baby
  • I swing the car seat twice a week for arm strength to lull baby to sleep
Does that look sad or what? I daydream about going to Zumba, perhaps taking the baby on a playmat while I dance to my heart's desire, but then it is almost her nap time / fussy time. I totally cannot do that!

Eventually I will start working with some Zumba clips I have saved on YouTube that I have done before. Ryan has been super crazy busy so leaving the baby with him is virtually impossible. For the meantime, I will have to rely on our walks around our neighborhood or mall.

Which brings me to the following. What am I wearing? Yes, I received a Peekaru fleece vest to wear over my Ergo carrier. Thanks to the nice folks at TogetherBe, Julianne and I have been able to take snug walks in the chilly weather without blankets and extra jackets.

The owners of TogetherBe, Melissa and D Hamilton Radcliffe, came up with this idea back in 2006 after Melissa realized that wearing a men's XL ski jacket was not going to cut it. I love the bond that Julianne and I have, especially with the fact that I carried her for 10 months, I knew that bond to be near her would be important. This is why I loved TogetherBe's mission, was to continue to bring that bond together between parent and child EVEN during the cold season. This is how the Peekaru Original was created!

Putting on Ergo 

I have tried different carriers and I finally decided to transition Julianne, who is now 3 months old, to the Ergo carrier. She sits in a frog position with her little legs sprawled out. She has taken several naps in her carrier but as for walking and exercising with mom, not yet.

When the Peekaru original arrived at home, I quickly took it out and tried it on. The vest is made from 85% recycled high quality Polartec fleece, each Peekaru Original™ saves approximately 25 plastic bottles from reaching the landfill.

Putting on Peekaru

I tried pulling the zipper open and placing the vest as instructed in the directions but I had the hardest time reaching for the zipper and bring it together to close. I finally zipped up the vest and placed it over my head and over Julianne's head.

Putting on Peekaru 

 So much easier. Now granted, she is still a small baby but her head was outside the vest and she seemed so snug and happy.

Snug as a bug

We enjoyed a 30 minute walk around our neighborhood and not a peep was heard from my babe's mouth. The last 2 times that I have used it she has napped MUCH better after taking a walk.

This Peekaru Original vest fits comfortably over all soft-structured carriers including Baby Bjorn and Ergo, as well as a variety of mei tais, ring slings, and wraps. They also have an amazing looking Peekaru Hoodie to wear in temperatures around 45 and 65 degree F. Make sure you go to their website to check out all their other products like Peekaru Ozone, Peekaru Soft Shell, and more!

I am so glad I got to try this vest because I am hoping I can use this for the next couple of months before it started getting warmer. Great product to try! Thanks TogetherBe!


Fresh Local and Best said...

This vest is so cool! It's perfect for taking the baby out for long winter walks.

Kirsten Taggart said...

I am so sorry..but HAHAHAHA. I thought it was a snuggie! Cute photos :)

Erica said...

That little cover is so cute! I love the idea! Carriers are serious lifesavers.

Larissa said...

Very cute! I have never seen that before. Oh, and don't sweat it (literally) - you lost all your baby weight WITHOUT exercise. That's impressive! You'll find as she gets older and more able to entertain herself, it will work out. Zoë loves watching me make a fool of my self with Zumba/pilates/Taebo videos, and when she starts getting fussy, I just pick her up and dance for a little while. :)

Mari said...

I miss having my girls as babies. I think peekaru is a cool idea to keep the baby snugged and warm. Julianne is adorable, God bless!

Heather @ Get Healthy with Heather said...

I saw those when I was registering this weekend, they look so cool!!! Glad to hear you're loving it.

HiHoRosie said...

Well, that certainly looks so snuggly and warm! And love the pics -- Lil Ms. J is so cuuuuttee!

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