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Hi folks! I come with a totally neat post today! You might not know it from all my posts but I have grown to be a supporter of local businesses especially since moving to Michigan almost 3 years ago. It has been in the past month that I have grown sad to see the businesses that do not survive due, in part, to a more general popularity with mainstream businesses.


This is not the case with the following business, The Purple Carrot Truck. The beautiful, wonderful and unique detail about this food truck is that it is a "farm to truck mobile dining destination that specializes in locally grown fare."  Did you know that they are the FIRST food to farm truck in Michigan? Not only that but the fact that they use local fare is so attractive. You know what you are getting as opposed to the mystery items one might be getting elsewhere. (wink..wink)


Each week, The Purple Carrot Truck makes rounds and stops at different locations around Lansing and East Lansing and serve lunch from 11:30am to 2:30pm. They are in areas where work folks or any folk can stop by and grab something delicious.  Sometimes they also hold evening events, like a Tapas menus for special events.


This week they are featuring the following menu:

Ten Hen's Roasted Garlic w/giving tree heirloom chip, truffle oil $4

Howell Melon-Cucumber Bisque w/harrissa, mint bubbles $4

Michigan Summer Caesar
diemer's romaine, tirrell farm tomme, dwg cherry tomato confit vinaigrette, house croutons $6.
Hi-5 Potato Salad
nightengale potatoes, titus farm eggs, yogurt, house herbs $6


Spartan Country Chicken Salad
rasch peaches, mike's mustard, basil, dwg bibb $7

Pure Michigan Beef Panini
piedmontese skirt steak, MI chanterelles, dolce vita chevre, house mustard aioli $8
Nightengale Eggplant "Meat"ball Hoagie
andy t's tomato-raisin chutney, foodshedfarmer micro greens $7

AtWater Bock Braised Pork
vanilla porter, ballaton cherries, cabbage slaw $7

Cake Pops $1
Carrot Cake
Chocolate-Peanut Butter
Thin Mint

Can you guess what I ordered yeseterday?? The Eggplant "Meatball" Hoagie with Chutney! AMAZING! And their Hi-5 Potato Salad. (YUM!)

Eggplant "meatball" Hoagie

And the cake pops are so delicious! Even the husband approves of them with several thumbs up! This is their Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Pop.
cake pops

My favorite time to stop are on Saturdays when they offer the brunch menu! Here are a few things I have ordered in the past.

Tofu Benny (which is like eggs benedict, but made with tofu and their vegan sauce in a sandwich. SO GOOD)


Rhubarb Scone


I LOVE the fact they offer a VEGAN / VEGETARIAN option because it gives variety. I have even heard locals say that those are usually their favorite too! :D

Now I know I have readers from everywhere and even from Michigan, so if you EVER get a chance to get to The Purple Food Truck, you must. Check them out on Facebook and on Twitter!

Can you do me a favor?

This food truck is now in the Top 2 our of 10 food trucks. They still need our votes and one can vote daily up to TEN times and all for THIS particular truck. Visit Food Network's website and vote by simply entering your email address! Choose the state of Michigan and then locate the truck and click on Lansing and VOTE!

The food truck receiving the MOST votes will be named America's Favorite!  You can vote until September 12th so do not hesitate to support fresh, local and the best!

Vote daily until Septemeber 12th or text FT147 to 66789. You can send ten texts to the number as well! Thanks!


Sarah @ See Sarah Eat said...

I love the name! So glad to hear this is one local business that is thriving :)

Christine's Pantry said...

I like the name. Nice to hear this business doing well.

chow vegan said...

So cool! Love the name and cute truck! The food looks amazing too! I'm heading over to vote for them. :-)

Erica said...

So cool! I want to eat off a food truck! Your sandwich looks awesome and i would be all about the melon soup

Faith @ For the Health of It said...

That's such a great business idea! I'm drooling over the tofu benny - eggs benedict was always one of my favorite breakfasts but I haven't had it in ages!

Judee said...

Hi Noelle,
Here's the link to the potato salad I posted. Tastes best at room temperature. http://glutenfreewithjudee.blogspot.com/2010/12/french-potato-salad.html. Let me know if you try it..
I'll be moving my search button to the top.. thanks for the feedback.

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