Pain in the Right Butt

Do you like how specific I am? I am 15 weeks pregnant and a bot frustrated since the end of the week last week. I know my blog has primarily been about my life and then some recipes, but somehow, lately, I realized I need to journal and vent a bit.


After a nice breakfast of oatmeal and a berry salad I started on a new routine.

I have been praying lately asking God why I am dealing with silly painful difficulties when all I want is to have a happy and wonderful pregnancy. This might seem so naive of me, but let me share a little of what has been going on.

I worked out twice last week, Monday and Tuesday, and then by Thursday I started getting this tightness in my buttocks. I wondered if it was a digestion things, since my nausea and eating habits have been a little skewed lately. There was tightness, soreness and the painful jabbing that was not going away. What could I have possibly done?

I had a friend suggest for me to look up ""Piriformis Syndrome." Here is a picture:

Apparently the Piriformus muscle is pressing on my sciatic nerve and causing a pain everytime I sit for long periods of time or even sit for little periods of time. I already sleep on my side at nights so that had been helping.

The crazy thing is that I had been stretching every morning when I woke up but that was not enough to cause this. Apprently my day job (which is working from home, practically sitting all day) plus pregnacy is finally taking a toll on my glutes. They have decided to set it with amnsesia, not knowing how to work.

I have a lump of nerves on my crack that brings alot of pain. I know this is ALOT of information but I somehow find it relazing being able to write it out. Changes to my uterus and having a baby growing inside of me is definitely setting a lot of changes on my body that I did not expect.

What have I have been doing to offset this pain? I have already been to the chiropractor last month to fix some lower back pain and I found out that I do have a shorter right leg and that my pelvis is not quite set in place. I figure these things caused what I now had that the chiropractor did not tell me to anticipate.

I found some exercises to be useful here at Baby Bump Fitness where they show me how I can use a foam roller in addition to a map to work on my butt muscles. I have to say that the foam roller is SUPER painful but once I get up and start moving and walking I feel so much better so I can't wait to get on that every 2 hours. I also used several YouTube videos that showed me different exercises. Having the internet is great especially when you find forums that state that chiropractors and physical therapies are just a waste of time. Doing my own exercises save me money.

I am getting up MORE periodically from working on the computer and taking walks or stretching out more often. Please pray that this pain goes away. I am extremely frustrated at being in pain and being irritated by the fact that I do not feel comfort.

Thanks for hearing me out!


Laura said...

Hey there!
So sorry to hear about your literal pain in the butt. In my non food blogger life, I'm a Physical Therapist and happy to help if I can, just let me know
Happy stretching,

Noelle said...

@Laura-Thank you so much! Please shoot me an email. I do have questions about more stretches and even if there is a possibility of using the yoga ball for comfort. Thanks noellsky (at) gmail (dot) com

Nathaniel said...

I am new to following your blog and I love it! I have had two back surgeries and wanted to share that acupuncture was the only thing that helped with relief prior to surgery. I also sing opera and love to cook, you are inspiring. Thank you for sharing your passions. Just wanted to share.

Catherine said...

Noelle, I'm sorry that you are in so much pain! Although I've never been pregnant, I do have chronic back pain in that area, and know how you feel. It is, really, a pain in the butt! Let me tell you what has helped me:

1. Chiropractor, HUGELY. I went often at first, (once a week!) and then tapered off and am now down to once about every-other month.

2. Yoga, or really, any kind of stretching, with regular chiro visits, has allowed me to be pain-free for quite some time, now!

3. Keeping active helps me a lot. One thing my chiro mentioned was to always make sure I stretch my hamstrings after longish walks, because tight hamstrings can contribute to back pain.

4. A few other tidbits from the yoga for back health class I took: drink lots of water, avoid alcohol, caffeine, meat, sugar, and simple carbs, and use simple relaxation techniques (such as deep breathing, mini-meditations, etc.) frequently throughout the day to help reduce stress

I've heard folks have good success following an anti-inflammatory diet to help with back pain, although I haven't tried this specifically.

ALSO, a friend's doctor suggested she take a continuous (every 4 - 8 hours) low dose of Tylenol for about a week while continuing to stretch daily to allow those muscles to loosen up, and she had good success with this one. Discuss that with your doc first, obviously!

Ice packs help with flare-ups, and sleeping with a pillow between my knees has helped me during acute pain.

I hope you feel better soon! Back pain SUCKS.

Conor @ Hold the Beef said...

You're welcome, vent away! I have a lot of ongoing back pain and so it is strangely somehow soothing to read about this type of pain that I *don't* have ;)

Also, hooray for the internet, and it helping you find solutions to this. Much mroe effective way of trawling for information than just asking eeryone you know (and getting a few odd looks along the way)

(speaking of such, the word verification for this comment is "nutso".. ha!)

Junia said...

ahhhh life is always filled with difficulties. i'm going thru own share right now, so i know what u mean. :T praying a lot too thru my own situation, glad to know that we can fight thru this together!

HiHoRosie said...

I went to a chiro while pg - not due to pain but to help with the whole process. I too had one leg shorter than the other and my spine was a bit tweaked - it helped going! I'm a side sleeper anyway but what helped me with the lower back pain was having a pillow between my knees. Helped a lot! Hope you get the help you need to get comfy - what a pain in the keester! You got a lot of good advice (stretching) from others so hope it helps.

vko said...

oh no! sorry to hear about the pain in the butt, the good thing is that at least you know what it is and you are on your road to taking care of it, one leg lift or butt roll at a time ;) sending you giant hugs!xx

Rosanna said...

Hi Noelle! I can honestly say that I know what you are talking about because I've had it myself. The best suggestion I feel like giving you is, go to a sport doctor asap. He can inject something straight into that muscle and kill the pain once for all - I had it done to me. I can't imagine what it could have been if I were also pregnant on top of it! Also, I tried many piriformis stretches but none of them ever worked except this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFtUgS69rPk
I hope it works for you as well!!!

Emily Malloy said...

Thinking of you!! :)

Nithu said...

Hey there, sorry to hear that. Take care of your health.

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