A naturopathic visit after 9 months

Hello from humid and hot Houston. We have two and a half days before we return home but no rush since it will probably will be hot and humid in Michigan. We have loved visiting with family and visiting friends and enjoying good laughs.

One thing I also took advantage of while being in Houston was to make sure I was able to go to a naturopath. I expressed 2 months that I had not seen ANY weight change despite my energy and overall increased exercise regimen. I have been playing racquetball in afternoons while I added a Zumba class and recently added a kickboxing class.

I tried looking for a naturopath in Michigan but I was not getting much help from area folks. So after a few days in Houston, I was recommended a naturopath and nutritionist that had helped a mission pastor's wife regain hormonal balance. After that, the whole family started seeing the naturopath. This is what I needed. I immediately made an appointment and found out that the test included hair analysis, a quick blood test and many other things.

Even though I have lost nearly 25 pounds, I KNOW my body was missing something or that perhaps I was doing something wrong. Ryan agreed and totally back my going to this recommended naturopath.

I had a body composition test performed where I was later told what my current Body Mass Index was and what my ideal weight should be for my height. I had been asked what my goal weight was and the naturopath stated it was healthy. The test also indicated the amount of fat my body was carrying which helped to know this number. I know God has been giving me strength not to look at numbers, but to know that I am wanting to make a change. THIS IS A BIG STEP.

The test also explained my cell health through the Extracellular cell and Intracellular cell. The extracellular water is the amount of water OUTSIDE of the cell. Higher levels indicate fluid retention, toxicity, allergies, stress, malabsorption, and insulin resistance. I have HIGH levels opf at least 8%. One important fact that I was trying to grasp and explain to Ryan and others that a person trying to lose weight can STILL be toxic. I felt that God had been revealing this to me and thus the reason for introducing a more RAW lifestyle.

The intracellular water is the amount of water inside the cell which is also the muscle water. Healthy cells maintain their integrity and hold their fluid inside. My levels were LOW which indicates low minerals and electrolytes at 9% the normal level.

Yes, I know it could sound depressing but for me it tells me the next step I need to take in addition to my eating lifestyle. I really had not been incorporating vitamins or minerals to my diet since I thought I could flush through the right foods I consumed. I then realized that a proper detoxification NEEDS to happen with the right consumption of vitamins and minerals.

My blood test indicated I am deficient in Vitamin B12. I was able to see a picture of my red blood cells floating with the occasional white blood cell indicating the B12 deficiency. How comforting, right? This is a picture of what one of my white blood cell looked like.

I also saw some red blood cells with a circle in the middle but there were not so many. It indicated a little anemia which was explained that it was attributed to the B12 deficiency. The following picture is a more pronounced case of anemia, but it shows you the nucleated red blood cell (circle in the middle).

All red blood cells need to be round and I had the occasional slightly oval red blood cell that indicated a little protein deficiency. I know that there have been people that have thought that people should not eat a certain way for their blood type but supposedly the naturopath explained that Type A blood did better with a vegetarian diet. I explained that I was following a vegan lifestyle and hoped not to incorporate eggs or dairy.

The naturopath stated that I would need to focus on making sure I was getting my 1300 calories for my body type and eating a food on the low glycemic chart. I sat down with the nutritionist and we realized I was eating all the right foods but that my limit on these foods needed attention. I am NOT to focus on too many grains but making sure I had one serving and to focus more on vegatables and proteins in the form of tofu, beans, and tempeh. I was fine with that.

All this set plan was to be supplemented with protein powders to be added to my daily smoothies. I was asked if I consumed smoothies or if it would be an issue. Good thing I was stuck on those. I was to start adding flaxseed oil to my smoothies so that I could be getting a dosI have of Omega nutrition for my essential fatty acids.Thumbs up. My protein powder is vegan so that was great. I was also given a detox powder to also add to my smoothie so that I can start detoxing my liver and gallbladder.

It feels GREAT to have direction for better health. If it is ANY encouragement to anyone having a hard time losing weight it has to do with the way our red blood cells show to us. How wonderful and powerful is that?

Who said making a lifestyle was easy? I totally do not want to discourage anyone, but despite my exercising EVERY day and eating well for the past 9 months, I have the seen results like others because I believe that my body needs to heal itself with detoxing and proper vitamin and mineral consumption. I hope and PRAY that 9 months from now I can be better informed and feel EVEN better.

The key is persistance and a good support system and God's strength. So even though people follow different lifestyles for ethical reasons I will follow it because God calls me to be a healthy person INSIDE and OUT through his strength and power not by my own strength. I look forward to the next 9 months and what it will show me.


good meal good deal said...

I totally agree with you, I am facing the same issue. It's not easy for making a heathy lifestyle. Prayer that you can achieve what you aiming to ^-^.

Monet said...

I need to go and visit a naturopath...I have been having a really hard time gaining weight and I could use some advice!

Joy said...

Wow what an informative post. My doctor recently told me I was anemic which is why I have taken a stronger initiative to eat correctly, Maybe taking a multivitamin might help me through my day...thanks so much for sharing your story and sorry I missed you in Houston -- hope you had a great time (despite the awful humidity!) :)

Sarah (GF vegan) said...

I'm tempted to see a naturopath for some IBS niggles. Sounds like yours was helpful. I think our cells tell us so much and different diet compositions of proteins and grains suit different people. All the best with your changes. x

Tasty Eats At Home said...

I'm sure it's encouraging to understand and have some direction - glad you visited the doc! I know you've mentioned before that you've been struggling with your weight. It's frustrating to feel like you're doing EVERYTHING right, and yet, you don't see the results you expect. Vegans and vegetarians often deal with Vitamin B12 deficiencies - I did too before going gluten-free due to malabsorption. There are some lovely sublingual drops you can take out there that will help that a great deal. And those protein powders can too - I'm just starting to find that I'm able to gain muscle when I'm drinking those. Which do you use? I tried a hemp protein powder, but it really doesn't agree with my digestive system.

leinana said...

This is so fascinating! I have never been to a naturopath, but I too have been concerned about whether I'm getting the right vitamins & minerals and whether that is affecting my hormone levels. I might look for a naturopath now! Glad that you got the information you need - you're definitely doing the right thing, you'll achieve all your goals in due time!

Carol Egbert said...

Thanks for an interesting post. I love the pictures. Good luck!

Epicurean Vegan said...

Wow! You've been going through the exact same thing I was about a year ago. It was also found that I had a hypothyroid, so that threw things off, too. Going vegan helped me lose some weight, but it's certainly an on-going issue. (I swear, everything went downhill when I turned 30)! I end up taking a handful of vitamins, drink a detoxifying drink, a vegan probiotic and I feel pretty good now. It's just finding the right balance and I think it's great that you're seeing a naturopathic. Good luck!

Noelle said...

@Leinana-Thanks for your kind words!


@Epicurean Vegan-Thanks for your comment. I have felt much the same way after turning 30. Amazing how people were right, but I am going to be positive about it.

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