Coconut Bacon -{A vegan's dream come true}

From An Opera Singer in the Kitchen
How has this week come to Thursday already?? I mean I will take it but it has flown by! Ryan had a production in Ann Arbor with the Blue Lake singers so that meant a little trip out to this nice town to see my husband in action and to enjoy some vegan goodies!

Before the performance, we went to Seva, one of my new favorite vegan restaurants in Ann Arbor. When Ryan asks me where I want to go, I just tell him this place because there isn't a single vegan restaurant where we live. He is nice about letting his wife choose. Idecided I wanted breakfast even though when I got the dish I thought it could be an anytime dish. Rancheros are usually made with a fried egg with a crispy tortilla, but this came with a crispy corn tortilla with a layer of black beans, then chargrilled tempeh with salsa topped with soy cheese and a side of salad. SO GOOD!

From An Opera Singer in the Kitchen

I accompanied this with a green juice with carrots, cucumbers, parlsey and ginger.

From An Opera Singer in the Kitchen
My meal was very complete! If you ever drive through Ann Arbor go check this place out. It is always crowded with folks.

After dinner, Ryan changed and I sat in the beautiful hall where the choir and orchestra performed Mendelssohn's Elijah for 2.5 hours.

From An Opera Singer in the Kitchen
Onto some goodies I came across this week. You have heard me talk about coconut water and how full of electrolytes and minerals that this fruit contains. I have been craving it like no other and have been drinking it before a workout or even after my workouts. But what to do with all this coconut meat I have left?

I had been noticing talk about coconut bacon around the blogosphere and wondered how NEW this concept was. I looked around different sites and even googled the idea of substituting the heart-clogging version. Can you believe that the ROYAL BACON SOCIETY has a recipe for the coconut version??? Wonders never cease. Here is the recipe:

From An Opera Singer in the Kitchen

Coconut Bacon

makes 1 to 1 1/2 cups

slightly adapted from the original

3 large handfuls of bulk coconut meat
1 tablespoon liquid smoke (I left this out)
2 tablespoons soy sauce/ tamari
1 tablespoon water
1 tablespoon maple syrup
1 tsp garlic powder

Preheat oven to 400 degrees and line a medium cookie sheet with parchment paper.

Mix the ingredients in a medium bowl except the coconut.

Start by removing the coconut meat from the shell and peeled the unwanted portions and start slicing the coconut meat in think slices. I was thinking that a microplane would work but that just shaved the meat. I just sliced it with a sharp knife.

As you slice, place coconut in the marinade. Once you finish slicing the meat, marinate the coconut for 15 minutes.

Spread the coconut meat on the baking sheet and place in oven.

From An Opera Singer in the Kitchen

Bake for 20-30 minutes or until it starts getting crispy. It will continue getting crispier when it gets to room temperature.

I have used this for my green salads and is delicious! Now I have to make a BLT sandwich! I think this tastes better at room temperature. YUM!

This salad has grilled tofu on top and coconut too!

From An Opera Singer in the Kitchen


Jessica @ How Sweet said...

Holy cow. I am in disbelief. I must try!

Bess @ I Dream of Greenie said...

This looks seriously divine!

I also need to try Seva next time I am in Michigan (I grew up about an hour west of A2).

baking.serendipity said...

I never would have thought of this. Great recipe!

Guna's kitchen said...

completely new to me.. never thought.. luks yummicious!!!

Gone Pie Vegan Bakery said...

Wow! This looks awesome! I love coconut everything.

Monet said...

Wow! I have never heard of doing this, but I am already drooling! It looks great. And I'm glad you were able to enjoy a nice dinner at your favorite place. I imagine that Ann Arbor has some great vegan options.

Amber Shea @Almost Vegan said...

YUM! I wish fresh coconuts weren't so pricey. You can make "bacon" with eggplant too, though! I just tried it last week and it was delicious.

Leila said...

Cool! I've never heard of coconut bacon. Very creative!

And my whole family loves Seva. We've been going there for decades. :) We have family in Ann Arbor so we hit it whenever we are visiting. Many fond memories at that restaurant!

Lick My Spoon said...

This is something new!! But I guess anything can be "bacon" if we put our mind to it!

Nicole@ The Dirty Oven said...

So creative!!! Wow! Thanks for sharing!

JL Goes Vegan said...

The coconut bacon looks delish!

kirsten said...

I love coconut bacon!! Its really good BLT styles :)

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