The World's Best Fruit

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I recently was contacted by a company that found me through Foodbuzz called The World Best Fruit where they feature a miracle red berry that instantly changes everything sour to sweet. How does it work? "The berry, known as miracle fruit, has a protien called miraculin. The miraculin basically sticks to your sour receptors on your tongue and covers them up. The effect lasts between 15 minutes and 2 hours. For most people, it's about a half hour."

A resturant in East Lansing called, Reno's (East)is hosting a fundraiser for the MSU Outdoors Club...it's a Foodie's event that has been huge in big cities around the country.

"Proceeds will go to the MSU Outdoors Club to support the film festival they are hosting on April 7th. This Film Festival is called the Banff World Tour and is a Touring edition of the Banff Film Festival. Making its way from Austria to Argentina and from Iceland to India, the Banff World Tour is an extreme outdoor sports and mountain culture film festival that spans the globe. More than 170,000 people attend approximately 450 screenings in about 250 locations. This year, the Michigan State University Outdoor Club is pleased to host a screening at our university. Check this thing out! Tickets are $10 and will be on sale at the Flavor Tripping Event."

East Lansing people come out and try this berry with me tomorrow!

Here's the CNN story about miracle fruit:


or if you prefer video:

The NY Times coverage of a Flavor Tripping Party in New York City: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sbGg31RJ3w

And lastly, the event details:


starsinthecity said...

I tried a miracle berry last fall and it was awesome! Have fun!

Lauren said...

I've tried miracle fruit before...the one thing I can recommend is to NOT eat things that are already sweet when you're trying it out...ew! It becomes absolutely disgusting.

Laura said...

Miracle fruit?!! How interesting!

I've nominated you for an award on my blog. I hope you'll swing by SoCal and check it out.

-Laura :)

Nicole said...

I am down for any type of Mediterranean feast! That's my favorite type of food! Hope you had fun with your company!

Kirsten said...

Ooh I hope you write about what it was like. I am intrigued. I read the CNN piece and it says it even changes the flavours of hot sauce. Crazy!

Mari's Cakes said...

Delicious looking hummus and potatoes. The whole plate looks deliciously healthy!

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